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Dead Cells dev promises not to kill it or shut it down

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has addressed the notion that it is ending development in favor of Windblown, saying the idea "hurts."

Dead Cells Motion Twin statement

Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has addressed fears that it brought updates for the roguelike game to an end in order to “make room” for its next game, Windblown, saying that the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that the assumption “hurts.”

After it was announced that Dead Cells update 35 would be the last content drop for one of the best roguelike games on the market, many were concerned that Motion Twin was essentially shelving regular Dead Cells content from partner Evil Empire to make space for its next game, Windblown.

Motion Twin has now addressed this concern in a new FAQ article, while confirming that the game isn’t going anywhere.

The FAQ includes a question addressing whether or not ending Dead Cells’ active development was done to “make room” for Windblown, with Motion Twin offering the following response.

“We saw that question, and it… hurts to be honest… So, no, that would be quite an illogical idea to try to kill Dead Cells to replace it with Windblown: as Dead Cells can’t be killed, like at all! The game will not go anywhere, or be shut down or whatever.

“And, yes, production-wise, we could definitely have kept both Dead Cells and Windblown productions going on side by side. It would have actually been simply way easier and profitable to just be greedy and bloat Dead Cells with extra content for years and years. Sadly, we’ve seen that happen to some games in the past.

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“But, that would have diminished its overall quality, and that’s a no go. We want it to keep its core original formula intact, which is what this game is and has always been, that’s it,” Motion Twin adds. Update 3D doesn’t have a release date yet, but Motion Twin notes that it’ll give it as soon as possible. Regarding a Dead Cells 2, MT says that it’s a “maybe yes, maybe no” situation, depending on if the team feels it’s worthwhile.

“Dead Cells and Windblown have never been in competition, not in any way. We are actually seeing quite a bright future where both of our worlds can have pretty interesting projects coming side by side.”

This statement is the first we’ve heard from Motion Twin on concerns over the end of Dead Cells development since former developer Sébastien Benard called it an “asshole move” to bring development to an end for Evil Empire, who has been developing DLC and free updates for Dead Cells for years.

Benard later provided an update on their statement, walking back the severity of their words but highlighting how they felt.

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