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Free games: Grab one of 500 codes so you can beat back the zombies in Dead Maze!

Dead Maze

Look, we know you’re about to go off on your jollies, probably chilling out at home with a heavy drink and a heavier belly. But that won’t stop the zombies clawing at your window, alright? You’re needed, survivor, to help push back the undead in Dead Maze. Chop chop!

To get you up to date, Dead Maze is an MMO set in the post-apocalypse. Yes, that means zombies to slaughter, items to craft, and friends to save. The idea in the game is to try to rebuild civilsation, starting off with your closest mates, all of you putting up barricades around your settlement and fending off the big green nasties.

It is a survival game so you will have to manage your thirst, hunger, and fatigue between scavenging for parts and health items, as well as decorating your pad. But once you’re past that initial, terrifying stage where you’re without shelter and resources, you can start really making a life for yourself in Dead Maze. You can plant seeds, tend to vegetable gardens, and even breed animals

Currently, though, Dead Maze is only available to those who have managed to scrounge a closed beta key. Aww no. Boo! What’s all that about, eh? Well, don’t worry, we’ll let you in on a little secret: we have 500 closed beta keys right here. Yep, if you want one (and you’re fast enough) you can grab a key by completing one of the actions in the widget below.

Dead Maze giveaway

To redeem your key, just follow these simple steps:

  • To redeem your key, just follow these simple steps:
  • Launch theSteamClient and log into your account;
  • Click on theGAMES MENU;
  • Choose ‘activate a product’ onSteam;
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.