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Dead Rising 3 announced; features more zombies than have ever been


Capcom announced that they’re hard at work on a third Dead Rising game. The major feature of the game is that it’s got more zombies. Though, the world has undergone a significant prettification since our last excursion.

Here it is in action:

Putting you into the shoes of a garage engineer called Nick, you’ll take to the streets of Los Fernantos to clear the undead menace.

While more zombies is obviously welcome, the game now features vehicles, extra violence, and more developed weapon crafting. You’ll be taping torches to guns, for instance.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be swinging unaltered chainsaws into rotting torsos, too.

Currently, Dead Rising 3’s only been announced for the new Xbox but, considering the second game came to PC, it is likely we’ll be seeing a release, too.

It’s due out this Christmas.