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Mad mini-golf, Christmas costumes and an infected Frank West all wrapped up in Dead Rising 4 DLC

Dead Rising 4

You know the feeling. You’re sat on the floor on Christmas day opening one present, and your eyes have already darted across the room to the bigger looking one you still have to come. The irony is, of course, that both turn out to be pairs of socks, but you can’t have everything can you?

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Similarly, we’ve not even got our grubby hands on Dead Rising 4 yet and Microsoft is already talking about what we can expect to get hold of in the game’s first few bouts of DLC.

As detailed on Xbox Wire (as part of a post focusing on the Deluxe Edition of the game), there are three DLC packs currently in development, with the first one adding a festive flavour to proceedings. The Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack will add Christmas themed weapons, zombies, vehicles, costumes “and more” to play.

Things get a mite more exciting after that. Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf will reportedly be the next DLC pack available, with a four-player game of mini-golf on offer, complete with zombies stomping around the grounds as you play.

“Use Frank West’s favourite weapons as your set of golf clubs,” states Xbox games senior product manager Stacy King. “With an oversized golf ball, drive down the fairways, reaching for the green to nail the perfect putt. Watch your score as you do not want to bogey in this zombie filled eighteen-hole golf course. Mini golf is made crazier with the zombie horde as obstructions and hazards.”

Finally, the third slice of DLC harks back to the original Dead Rising, dropping you into the shoes of a zombie-virus-infected Frank West and charging you with finding a cure before he gains a hunger for blood.

Microsoft is yet to reveal dates for all the aforementioned DLC on PC, tasking us all to “check back for more details”. Well, what if we’re busy, eh? I’ve got quite a lot of shopping to do, I don’t know about you. Either way, expect to find out more before Dead Rising 4 launches on December 6.