Dead Rising 4 dev trailer shows an exo-suited Frank and new zombie types

Dead Rising 4

Frank West might have had a makeover, removing his receding, middle-aged charm and instead casting him as Generic Handsome Videogame Man, but it looks like Capcom aren’t trading in the silliness for po-faced thrills. 

Will Dead Rising 4 join the undead hordes in our list of PC’s best zombie games?

There will be three types of undead in Dead Rising 4: the traditional shambling hordes; the freshly infected, a more aggressive, sprightly zombie; and the Evos, a relentless, clever breed of zombie that are capable of dodging your attacks, whatever they may be.

Ah, attacks. In most zombie games you could use the word “gunfire”, but there’s so much more to a Dead Rising sandbox: bins on heads, automated teddy turrets, electrically charged pikes, pimped out rides and hundreds of others.

Dead Rising 4 will continue this fine tradition, and everything you can pick up can be wielded against the undead, or eaten – sometimes even both.

One new thing coming to Frank West’s arsenal is the ability to mod himself. We’ve always been able to combine items to make more powerful weapons, but Frank’s exo-suit will let him strap rocket launchers to his shoulders, or jack into a Slurpee machineand launch purple and blue ice tornadoes at the hordes. What a man.

Here’s the trailer: