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Dead Rising 4’s Killer Combos trailer shows off some crafty new weapon creations

Dead Rising 4 Killer Combos

A wise person once said ‘dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want’. That’s why I had this games journalism stuff locked down ages ago, thanks to a wardrobe filled with plaid shirts and the budget to only ever buy canvas pumps instead of actual shoes. 

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For Frank West of Dead Rising fame, his bizarre attire choices were only ever going to lead him to a place where he churns through thousands of undead every day.

The new Dead Rising 4 trailer above shows Frank getting well into his wardrobe choices, dressing as an elf, Santa, a reindeer, a cowboy, Street Fighter’s Akuma, a dinosaur and loads more.

He then goes out onto the street to rack up that kill counter, using a range of new weapons, like a jury-rigged, fire-breathing ride-along lawnmower, a frozen ice sword and shoulder-mounted cannons strapped to an exoskeleton.

Dead Rising 4 will let you dress up for your next job on December 6.