Dead Rising 4 says Christmas is definitely here with festive launch trailer

Dead Rising 4 Xmas

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like the splatter of zombo brains over your freshly pressed Santa suit, a fact Frank West knows all too well in Dead Rising 4’s launch trailer.

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Reading “Twas the night before Christmas” over footage of him slaying to sleigh bells (the musical instrument, not the band), Frank is getting right in the mood for DR4’s release on December 6.

Apparently the Xbox team are also in the mood as Monday they’ll be doing “something” in London to mark the release, so if 28 Days Later accidentally happens this week then: a) blame Microsoft, and b) it would be the most 2016 thing to happen in 2016.

Seasonal season finales aside, DR4 is revisiting the start of the series but with y’know, more weapons to make and photos to take of unimaginable horrors. A nice break from reality, then.