Dead Rising 4 is now available to buy on Steam

Dead Rising 4

Update March 14, 2017: Dead Rising 4 is now available to buy on Steam, though you’ve now missed that hefty pre-order discount. 

If you want to pick it up now, it’ll set you back $59.99. Ouch. It also comes with Denuvo anti-tamper tech, if that’s a thing that bothers you.

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The Steam release comes with all the title updates, including My Bloody Valentine, two new difficulty levels (Hard and Blackest Friday) and the Street Fighter costume pack.

If you want the premium DLC, the Seasons Pass is $19.99 and adds in the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, Frank Rising and Super Ultra Dead Rising 4: Mini Golf.

Head to the Dead Rising 4 page on Steam for a look.

Original Story February 23, 2017: The debatably good Dead Rising 4 will no longer be exclusive to the Windows store come March 14. It’s hitting Steam, and has a brand new trailer you can see below. It’s also got a fairly hefty launch discount.

Pre-order price right up until launch is 20% off, putting it down to $47.99 / €47.99 / £31.99 before it returns to the normal $60 / £40 price point at launch. The move to Steam does mean it’ll now be available on non-Windows 10 PCs so rejoice, 7 users. 8 users – just stop.

System requirements, as posted on the Capcom Blog, are pretty lenient. Our tech review didn’t give it flying colours, though it was functional – likely worth investigating if further patches have worked out the kinks.

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