It’s just a logo – or is it? Kojima Productions’ new 30-second intro

Kojima Productions Logo Movie

It’s about when you realise that a logo intro movie is an exciting reveal for people that it becomes clear Kojima and his games have reached cult status. Shown at SDCC during a Death Stranding panel that revealed very little else, Kojima Productions and mascot/logo Ludens had their first full-motion-3D showing.

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Because it’s Kojima, there’s also a whale in it.

I’m a big fan of the whale.

Ludens has nothing to do with Death Stranding, or so says Kojima, but that won’t stop eager fans frame-by-framing through the whole thing multiple times in the hope of divining its secrets. The face recognition and motion capping done on the mascot is Kojima himself.

Listen, it’s probably just a logo movie. It’s almost certainly just a logo movie. It’s overly long and, as our own Matt guessed this morning, will likely be unskippable in every game the studio makes from here until the end of time. Even if it does have secrets buried deep within or hints in the background, chances are they won’t make any sense until Death Stranding 2: Strandedier is out, with a plot so convoluted they only make it harder to understand.

But it is quite nice, and I love that there are people so devoted to the man and his games they’ll get excited about it. I also think Ludens is a cooler character than Naked Norman Reedus and his dead oil baby, if slightly less mysterious. Ludens has the whale, though. Lovely hologram whale.

Anyway, not as good as the new Blizzard one, is it?