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Deathcraft II transforms Left 4 Dead into Minecraft


Here’s something you might’ve overlooked amidst all the Cold Stream launch excitement: Valve are currently featuring Left 4 Dead community campaign Deathcraft II, a total conversion of the co-op shooter that transforms it into a zombie-ridden Minecraft world. What happens when Valve ‘feature’ community campaigns? They get hosted on official dedicated servers is what, meaning now’s a good time to download the Deathcraft II campaign and smack some low-res zombies.

Deathcraft II does a remarkable job of blending the two games: Boomers become Creepers, Smokers become Endermen, melee weapons become pixelated shovels and shortswords, even the cast have been convincingly boxified.In fact, so inspired were Valve by the melding of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft that they’ve now released all eight L4D characters as official Minecraft characters.

The campaign spans five chapters and features original blerpy-derpy tunes, as well as authentic Minecraft record players scattered throughout. There are at least three easter eggs, too. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy things that look like other things.