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This Death’s Gambit trailer shows off colossal boss battles

deaths gambit trailer white rabbit pax east 2015

I’m not a fighting man but I like to think that I’d know where to draw the line. I don’t think, for instance, I’d ever get into a fight with a 15-storey tall god. Even if I had made a deal with death so I wouldn’t die, even if I was squished into a pancake.

The hero in Death’s Gambit has no such qualms. I’d say he had a death wish, except he’s only in this mess because he made a deal with Death specifically to avoid dying.

White Rabbit’s during inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls for their side scrolling fighter. You carve your way through the world of Aldwynn, killing all the beasties that get in your way. That’s fine when they’re just skeleton knights but, as you’ll see from the trailer below, some of the bosses you’ll go up against a freaking huge.

The team want to give combat a strategic touch, so you’ll be able to arm yourself up with three abilities, two weapons, and a healing item at any one time. With a stack of weapons and abilities to learn and choose from, they’re planning on giving you all the tools you’ll need to define and support your play style.

Death’s Gambit’s going to be on show at PAX East this weekend, and White Rabbit’s development page is filled with references to an upcoming Kickstarter campaign so there’s potential that will launch after the public showing this weekend.