Bossa Studios invite 500 of you fine folks to play their new game, Decksplash, in alpha testing

Decksplash playtest

As every child knows, the surgery bone is connected to the bread bone, which is connected to the skateboarding bone. It’s simple biology. Decksplash, the next game from Bossa Studios of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, follows those wise words to the letter, taking the studio’s talent for physics silliness and giving you a big skatepark to enjoy it in. Pull sweet stunts (as the kids say) and out-score opposing teams for the big win. It’s currently in a pre-Early Access state, but a final alpha playtest before Steam launch is due this month. Sign-up details below.

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Bossa call the game itself a combination of all their favourite skating games like Tony Hawk and Olliolli, as well as bits of Rocket League and Splatoon thrown in. That’ll be the ‘splash’ then. In essence it’s about doing cooler stuff on the map than your opponents, letting you claim territory with paint. Like high school, it’s a competition to be the raddest dude.

If that sounds like your jam, 500 invites to the next playtest are available at this very link. Get them before they’re splatted.

If you’d rather wait – or read a little more – here’s the Steam page, as well as the announcement of what’s new to this next playtest. Most notably, a single-player mode, as well as power-ups to help shake up the multi.