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Defiance just got a new content update that extends the storyline of the ill-fated TV show


Trion Worlds’ massively multiplayer online shooter Defiance just got a big old content drop that extends the storyline of its cancelled TV show cousin. Defy modern conventions by jumping back in again.

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Dark Metamorphosis, as the update is called, introduces a new mission storyline, enemies, armour and more, allowing players to leave the boundaries of post-apocalyptic San Francisco and enter the seaside ruins of Monterey.

The questline will feature five fresh missions and two new cinematics. Once completed, you’ll be granted access to “the challenging solo ‘Monterey’ instance, featuring the haunting ruins of Monterey,” according to the press release. Which is nice.

You will also be faced with battling a new threat in the Harbinger enemy type, a race that have “infested the Silicon Valley area with unspeakable horrors”, which makes them sound like the sort of people you’ll find outside a city centre nightclub at 3AM.

And that’s not it, because you’ll also have to contend with a new threat from the Neo Votanis Front, “a splinter group from Dark Matter that could bring about a new Pale War if left unstopped.”

Hopefully some of these words mean something to you.

Outside of the meat, you will be able to buy the Shrill Armor Bundle, containing the Shrill Hunter outfit, vehicle, and blast rifle.

And when you’re done with all this, there’s an endgame in the form of a new Arkfall, which will apparently “challenge novice and veteran players alike.”

Defiance is playable for free via the game’s site.