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Ready at Dawn’s Deformers is out now on Steam, but is suffering major server problems

Deformers Alien

Rolling out onto Steam last Friday, the arena brawler Deformers has not had the smoothest launch. With many already disheartened by the large price difference between PC and console, players have been experiencing several issues with actually connecting to a match since its release.

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Being an online-only game, having connection issues on launch is quite the problem. Starting with an initial server reset on Friday to solve what seemed like teething problems, players began to experience sudden matchmaking outages throughout Deformers’ launch day. Following a complete service reboot, players continued to experience either crashes mid-match or an inability to connect to a game.

After some service cycles, emergency updates and a few back-end tweaks, the service began to stabilise around late Saturday, with Ready at Dawn diagnosing that the main service error was appearing in waves across all platforms. Some players were able to compete for a few matches, before the error returned and locked them out of play.

At time of writing however, players are still noticing an issue where they are unable to either form a custom lobby or join a ranked game. Ready at Dawn are continuing to work on the connectivity issue, but a service alert is still active on both their Twitter and forum. As it is a Sunday and the team is no doubt taking a rest, expect a full fix to appear some time on Monday.

With it costing $29.99/£29.99 on Steam and also containing microtransactions to unlock new forms and cosmetics, fans are notably disappointed by Deformers’ launch, as seen by the multiple negative user reviews on Steam. Some players have not been able to play at all, thanks to this recurring service error.

If you are looking to give Deformers a try, I would hold fire for now until the service error has finally been resolved. Keep checking both the Deformers Twitter and forum for all the latest on its servers.