Democracy 3: Africa will pit you against religious persecution and malnutrition

Democracy 3 Africa

It feels a bit strange to describe a country as “not balanced”, but that’s how Cliff Harris (AKA Cliffski), programmer of Democracy 3, describes Nigeria in the first development blog for Democracy 3: Africa. 

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Being in charge of countries that are facing poverty, religious persecution, rampant crime, gender inequality and the politics surrounding foreign aid should present a completely new challenge for veteran Democracy players.

“Democracy 3: Africa uses the base design and gameplay from the original game but the diversity of social and economic situations in Africa presents you with new challenges and opportunities,” says the official blurb. “Foreign aid and investment takes on a new meaning and often comes with strings attached. Serious issues like malnutrition and access to clean water could be a matter of life and death for the poorest.

Democracy 3 Africa

“This new game will let you try your hand at governing the diverse democracies of Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Tunisia, Botswana and Mauritius.When you step down, will your country be in a better state than when you took up office? Although it builds on the existing game, Democracy 3: Africa has completely new artwork, music and a series of new events and dilemmas tuned to the issues and situations that are relevant in contemporary Africa.”

As Cliffski said, the game is unbalanced at the moment, but expect the finished thing to offer specific challenges for each of the ten countries it attempts to simulate. Probably best not to surround the presidential mansion with armed drones like Cliffski does, though.

See that, and more, in the video below:

Democracy 3: Africa is currently in development, and versions are planned for PC and Mac.