Destiny 2 copyright strikes hit both fans and Bungie

Bungie has confirmed that it's aware of and investigating the ongoing situation with Destiny 2 copyright strikes against fan videos

Destiny 2 copyright strikes: a party gathers at the doors of the Witch Queen raid

Bungie isn’t behind the recent wave of Destiny 2 fan video takedowns, the developer confirms in a statement on Twitter. In fact, some of its own content has been caught in the crossfire. “We’re aware of a series of copyright takedowns on YouTube and we’re actively investigating,” the developer says. “This includes content on our own Bungie channels. These actions are not being taken at the request of Bungie or our partners. Please standby for future updates.”

The confirmation followed several reports from prominent community members on social media that their videos were being flagged for copyright infringement, including lore-focused channels like MyNameIsByf and more general Destiny 2 content creators like Aztecross. That said, at the time of writing, people are starting to report that the copyright strikes on their videos are being removed.

Bungie’s intellectual property and trademarks explainer states that the developer “strongly” supports fan efforts to create non-commercial content using video images, footage, and other assets, though you need to ensure that “at least 20% of the content within the video has been created” by you.

“Examples of what’ player created content’ may be defined as include custom commentary, animations, graphics, or gameplay,” the developer explains. “Conversely, please do not upload Bungie trailers or cutscenes with mere advertisement(s) or borders that take up 20% of the screen or 20% of the runtime. Content creators should use our stuff to make their own stuff, rather than uploading our content to their own channels.”

Bungie’s statement on the matter has been questioned by lawyer Richard Hoeg, who alleges that Bungie’s contract terms make content creators “especially vulnerable” to copyright takedowns. We have reached out to Bungie for clarification and will update this story if we hear back.

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