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Bungie Rewards scheme saves you $777,777.77 in Destiny 2 extras

The Bungie Reward programme lets you pick up free Destiny 2 loot

Destiny 2 Forsaken stream

To tie in with the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie has announced a new rewards programme, aptly named Bungie Rewards. Signing up to the programme allows you to earn exclusive items for doing specific things in game, though you should do it quickly as the first reward is already up for grabs.

To earn the very first reward – a digital copy of Forsaken’s soundtrack – players will have to complete the entire Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign by September 30th. The soundtrack comes complete with two bonus tracks that aren’t available to purchase in the store, so the challenge is worth it even for those who were planning to buy the soundtrack outright (or willing to pay the $777,777.77 price tag for the added tracks. No, really.)

Though future items are yet to be announced, we already know that the second challenge will require players to pick up the Ace of Spades. You’ll want to go ahead and sign up for Bungie Rewards.


Future challenges will be based off more specific criteria, such as acquiring rare in-game items as well as achieving certain Triumphs.

Bungie Rewards has been launched alongside Destiny 2’s Season of the Outlaw, and players can expect a bounty of more exclusive rewards over the coming months.