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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s level boost will lock you out of the original story missions

If you want to use Destiny 2: Forsaken's character boost, you'll want to be sure you're cool with missing old missions

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Forsaken offers a character level boost allowing you to get straight into the new stuff, which is perfect if you’re coming from another platform or want to jump into a fresh character class for the expansion. You might want to check the fine print before you take advantage of the offer, however, since it means you’ll never be able to play through the existing story with that character.

Before you use the character level boost with the Spark of Light, you’ll get the note that using it “may skip over certain campaigns.” For Forsaken, that means all the existing campaigns from base Destiny 2 and its DLC. Since Destiny 2 doesn’t give you the direct option to replay story missions, you’re left only able to replay harder versions of those missions via the random weekly selection on the story playlist.

Forsaken requires you to have completed all the previous campaign missions to get in, so on some level it makes sense for them to autocomplete as a result of the spark. It would be nice if there were some more options to replay those original missions, though you can always start (yet another) new character for that.

In practical terms, the big rewards from the campaign are available through engrams, and most of the drops there will be quickly outmoded by what you can find in Forsaken. But if you’re hoping to start off on the new stuff and head back in to complete the old missions, well… you’ve been warned.

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