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Destiny 2 has a colouring book

The world of adult colouring books has grown ever larger with the addition of things like editions based on your favorite movie, TV show, and now games. Destiny 2 is getting its very own colouring book. 

Here's everything we know about Destiny 2 PC's release date, changes and more.

The book isn't scheduled to ship until August, and it will run you about $11, but that's a paltry sum considering how much it can calm you during some particularly stressful gaming time. 

Like most colouring books based on properties with insanely detailed characters, this one is making things a little simpler to colour with large, bold line art and plenty of different characters. 

If colouring is your thing, you've got plenty to look forward to as the autumn arrives: both a new game and a colouring book based on it. 

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panbient avatar
panbient Avatar
8 Months ago

Would be nice if anyone was reporting where consumers are supposed to spend that $11 to get a copy of this book. Do I need to pre-order online? Will it be available in retail stores like Gamestop?

Also being in Canada it seems it'll be about $20 to get it online through Indigo.