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Here’s the Destiny 2 dungeon PC players have got to wait until 2018 for

Destiny 2

Update June 15, 2017: Luke Smith, director for Destiny 2, has confirmed that the PlayStation exclusive content for the game will arrive on PC in 2018.

It’s also coming to Xbox in 2018, sometime in fall or winter. At least we’ll be getting it eventually, eh?

Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2 PC’s release date, changes and more.

Original story June 13, 2017:Thanks to the deal Sony have with Activision, we got to see a nice bit of Destiny 2 at the PlayStation E3 conference. And while much of the trailer focuses on the story – featuring a cinematic dealing with the Cabal’s attack on the tower – the final moments are a bit of a kick in the teeth for PC players. The PS4 version has an exclusive strike, as well as some other tidbits for your Guardian.

The Lake of Shadows Strike – basically a three-man dungeon – will only be available on PS4. Those console players also get some special gear, the City Apex spaceship, the Borealis exotic rifle, and the Retribution PvP map. That’s, erm, quite a lot. Sad face.

The PS4 content is a timed exclusive, which means Sony get to keep it until at least fall 2018. Hopefully we’ll get it on PC in 2019.

Still, all the story stuff shown at the start of the trailer looks excellent. We’re still very excited to finally be playing Bungie’s shared-world shooter later this year on October 24.