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Destiny 2 will not have a Halloween event this year

Exploring a Hive nest on Titan in the Savathun's Song strike

At TwitchCon last weekend, Bungie announced the first major changes and live events due in Destiny 2 since its launch, which finally hits PC today. We heard the first event will be the Dawning, which hits at Christmas, and community manager David ‘DeeJ’ Dague has confirmed this means there is no Festival of the Lost – Destiny’s Halloween party – this year.

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DeeJ made the announcement to an enquiring fan on Twitter.

Festival of the Lost 2015 was the original Destiny’s first ever seasonal event (ignoring the Iron Banner monthly PvP event, and whatever Queen’s Wrath was). It went down well, redecorating the Tower social space with a spooky look and adding a bunch of cosmetics and fun quests.

As explained at TwitchCon, Destiny 2’s version of the Dawning sounds pretty substantial, and will feature ice hockey, snowball fights, silly minigames and more. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s monetised, as Bungie never really locked down a consistent model on that front during the original game – some events were received well, others, including Festival of the Lost 2016, were accused of being too greedy.