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Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion lets you put any gun in any slot and adds a bow

Destiny 2 Forsaken bow

Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion has been revealed, and boy oh boy is a lot set to change. Perhaps the biggest of many big changes is what's happening to the game's weapons: it looks as though we'll now be able to put any weapon into any of the game's three slots, and random perk rolls are also coming back from the original game, so "every single weapon is gonna feel different when it drops."

Finally, a new weapon type will also be added: a bow and arrow, initially with a short-, medium-, and long-range model. 

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Destiny 2's weapon slots were one of the most divisive changes made from the original, when powerful guns like sniper rifles were available in the secondary weapon slot. Forsaken will solve this by, apparently, letting the player put any gun in any slot.

"If you like Destiny 2, great, play that way," Josh Hamrick, sandbox design lead, says. "If you like Destiny 1, great, play that way. But if you're crazy, why not three shotguns, just for the fun of it?" Accompanying footage clearly shows a sniper rifle in the energy slot, and then - yup. Three shotguns. It looks as though each slot will still use its existing ammo, so perhaps your weapons will scale in power based on the slot in which they're equipped?

A Bungie dev adds that this will hopefully lead to arguments about which guns to equip in which slot in response to different situations, which adds a layer of depth to your loadout choices that simply doesn't exist right now - especially in loadout locked activities.

The return of random rolls should also add to this - in Destiny 1, the perks which are currently fixed were randomly chosen from a few possibilities that varied across guns and their perk columns. Many hardcore players would invest dozens of hours of grind trying to land a 'god-roll' optimised for PvP, and it sounds like those days are coming back. Farewell, life.

Greg Peng, senior sandbox designer, also adds that "we're improving the mods system, so you can customised your weapon the way you want it" and "we've also got a whole new masterwork style system coming together, where you're actually able to move your weapons up over time." The goal is to enable players to really invest in developing their arsenal.

Finally, there's a new weapon type, and it's a bow and arrow. Bungie acknowledges that it may seem out of place in a sci-fi game that literally has lasers (unless Sleeper Simulant is a railgun? Anyway, point stands), but it looks very high-tech, and will apparently feel godly to use.

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