Will the Cabal invade the Tower? Possible Destiny 2 plot details leak… via Mega Bloks sets

Destiny's Cabal

A user on a Mega Bloks fan site claims to have found a bunch of new Mega Bloks sets that were listed early on Amazon. These include three Destiny sets which possibly reveal new story details for the forthcoming Destiny 2, which looks like it might be coming to PC.

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The new Destiny-themed kits are a Goliath Tank and a ‘Bruiser Battle Building’, both belonging to the militaristic enemy faction The Cabal, and an Aspect of Glass jump ship. That last one doesn’t tell us anything new – Aspect of Glass was a reward for completing Destiny’s first raid, the Vault of Glass. But the two Cabal kits are interesting.

The Goliath Tank opens to reveal an interior troop bay – not a capability that it has in the game, if only because it’s too small. If this means anything for gameplay – and it may not – the most that can be said is the Goliath might get a redesign. However, the details also mention that “Zavala comes with detachable armour and Answering Chords auto rifle”. Zavala is an NPC in Destiny, and the leader of the Vanguard, the Guardian elite who are sent to reclaim Earth’s old colonies (Guardians are Destiny’s player-characters, soldiers powered up by weird space magic).

Another NPC gets his hands dirty in The Bruiser Battle Building, a hangar platform where “a legendary warrior faces his greatest contest yet in the Tower hangar”. That warrior is apparently Lord Shaxx, an NPC who gives quests related to the Crucible, the main PvP mode. Shaxx will wield “his Raze-Lighter” – a high-end Exotic sword – against “the furious cleavers of a Cabal Red Guard”. A Red Guard would be a new enemy type, and if it’s to be Shaxx’s “greatest contest yet”, then it’s a big deal.

The Cabal

The fact that it’s going down in the Tower hangar is potentially the biggest clue to Destiny 2’s plot we’ve yet had, though – the Tower is the home of the Guardians, Destiny’s player-characters and Earth’s ultimate defenders. Perhaps Destiny 2 will see the Cabal invade the Tower itself? That two NPCs who are basically retired in the original game are once again seen with weapons in their hands suggests as much.

Users on NeoGAF are getting their hopes up that, in Destiny 2, NPC allies will join you in combat (right now, you can’t party with anyone but other players), perhaps even in raids.

The likeliest thing about this possible leak is that the Cabal are the enemy. Of the four major antagonist factions in the original, the Cabal are the least developed; they featured in The Taken King expansion, but were not its focus, and thus are the only faction who haven’t had their own raid or their own DLC. Between the player’s activities on Mars and the invasion of The Taken, their presence in the solar system is practically wiped out during Destiny, and there’s a mission where one of their last commanders sends a distress call back home. A massive Cabal invasion has thus been hinted at in the game already, and it tallies with the credible leaks we got last year, from Kotaku and industry tipster Shinobi, suggesting Destiny 2 would come to PC.

Here’s the post on the Mega Bloks site. The Amazon kits have been taken down, and there’s a chance this whole leak might not be legitimate.