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Destiny 2’s Monty Python emote was an expert wall hacking tool, so now it’s gone

Bureaucratic Walk

Bungie has had to remove one Destiny 2’s emotes from its in-game store. ‘Bureaucratic Walk’, has been pulled from the shop after it reportedly allowed players to glitch through walls.

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Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2, apart from which walls you can awkwardly shuffle through.

Bungie didn’t provide an explanation as to why the emote, which is based on Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks sketch starring John Cleese, was removed from the store. But a number of players have been using the walk to get through a number of walls into places they shouldn’t be able to get to. Those include the Eververse shop, and hidden rooms within the Leviathan Raid.

The emote has been in the game since launch, but it was only recently highlighted in the Eververse’s Bright Dust purchases, which helped spark its popularity, and gave rise to a bunch of videos detailing where this extremely silly emote could get you.

If you’ve never seen it before (or if you have), check out the original sketch below.