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Destiny 2’s Osiris DLC will add a new laser rifle, a mic drop emote, and some very silly armour


To address recent community discontent, Destiny devs Bungie canceled the livestream that would’ve shown off all the new loot we’ll be earning when next week’s Curse of Osiris DLC drops. They’ve now released a modest preview in their latest weekly update.

Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

It’s less than 50 seconds, but it still shows off some pretty funky stuff. It looks like we’ll get a gun that shoots robotic bomb-carrying spiders, and that a new trace rifle with a red laser will join Coldheart as the second weapon in this class. Both are likely to be Exotic, as is the delightfully daft Titan helm with the glowing horns. A new dance and a mic drop emote are both clearly visible, and there’s a brief glimpse of a slick ice-white Future War Cult robe.

The Bungie update – which you can view here – also reveals the total install size for Destiny 2 and the Osiris DLC: 68 GB on PC. Pre-load begins at 08:00 Pacific (16:00 GMT) on December 5, and the DLC will go live after server maintenance on that day concludes.

Season two will begin at that time, alongside a free patch that will apply many of the changes Bungie outlined in their statement earlier this week. In our analysis of that statement, we concluded that while its announcements were positive, they only go so far in fixing the game’s problems. Next week marks the beginning of a much improved Destiny 2 – we just hope Bungie don’t leave it at that.