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Destiny 2’s developers expect PC players to do “interesting and nefarious” things

An Emissary of the Nine

One of the challenges involved in bringing Destiny 2 to PC was working out how to keep the game secure. Ahead of the game’s PC release later today, the developers have been discussing the potential threats it faces.

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Here’s how Destiny 2 on PC compares with console.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Bungie’s PC project lead, David Shaw, and Thomas Garys, lead engineer at Vicarious Visions, who developed the game’s PC port, the pair discussed the difficulties of bringing the port to life.

When asked how approaches to cheating had to differ when bringing the game to PC, Shaw says “one of the things you kinda get for free on the console platforms is they go out of their way to make themselves as secure as they can be,” which allows developers to focus less on security.

But with the inherent reduction of security that comes with PC, Shaw says “you have to pretty much expect that anyone who downloads your game can do and try to do interesting and nefarious things to it, so you have to take it seriously.”

Obviously they don’t go into any details, but Shaw goes on to say that “we have a dedicated team that’s working on that, and they will continue to keep an eye on it and keep working on things even after we launch.”