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Destiny 2's text chat has no public channel

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Text chat is one of many things Destiny 2 can do on PC that it can't on console. Unlike the other games with which it shares Blizzard’s platform, however, it will not feature a public channel. 

Destiny 2

Speaking with PCGamesN at the PC preview event last week, Bungie’s PC project lead David Shaw explained that this is because Destiny’s social culture is ‘opt-in’. In the original game, “we said by default the only people you can talk to are your fireteam,” says Shaw.

“What that did was it fostered a stranger culture where it was really difficult to do something - griefing was hard, right? The worst thing I ever encountered was someone that followed me around the tower for like 20 minutes, and was just mildly annoying.”

Text chat follows the same rules. There is no public channel, so there’s no way to “walk into a public space and see just this flood of toxicity coming through.”

“It's more important that [engagements between strangers] be, at worst, neutral,” says Shaw. “I think that Destiny 1 has proven that model has some legs. That's where we're starting and we don't have any plans to go broader and have a full chat, or bubble chat, or anything like that.”

This determination to prevent toxicity extends to the Whisper feature - a staple of By default, you won't be able to Whisper anyone who isn't in your clan, your fireteam, or your friends list, but you can change a setting to enable you to Whisper strangers. You'll also be able to block and mute people, and Destiny 2 is integrated with Blizzard's reporting system.

Concerns about toxicity were also the main reason why Bungie chose not to add full automated matchmaking for raids, as social lead M.E. Chung explained in Destiny 2's reveal event back in May.

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DuoBlaze Avatar
5 Months ago

This decision is going to cause a lot of confusion and anger from players.

There are plenty of ways Bungie can meet their goal of shielding players from toxicity while providing features PC gamers have come to expect from online games. Something as simple as opt-in chat channels, being a member of multiple clans, specifying in a player's profile that they prefer text chat or voice chat and have it adjust matchmaking factors, etc.

I just spent a good deal of time typing up suggestions on how to resolve this issue and posted it on both the Destiny 2 feedback forum and destinythegame subreddit. Post threads were buried by complaint threads in just minutes. I'm pretty upset about that so I'm going to paste it here in hopes that someone listens ='(


I feel the developer's goal of keeping toxicity out of Destiny 2 while providing features players have come to expect from online games over the last 20 years can be accomplished with the following additional features. I would appreciate additional suggestions from other PC players or input from Destiny 2 team members on the these suggestions.

Please consider the following:

Implement a "prefer text chat" and "prefer voice chat" profile setting, and have this impact matchmaking factors. It's going to be quite frustrating when you have players who expect one method of communication matched with those who want to or are unable to use another. Example: A player with controller on their sofa using a headset matched with a player at their desk who desires using text-chat in the same fireteam.

When first launching the game provide players with an introduction/explanation of Destiny 2's social-interaction features including the capabilities (and limitations) of text-chat. Clarify that text-chat is only available for fireteams, clans and players on your friends list. Explain that whispers to non-friends and non-clan members cannot be delivered by default and that it is up to the individual player to opt-in via the options menu. I feel this is important to prevent lots of player confusion.

Add opt-in local social space chat channel. Something simple like /join socialchat or enable it as an opt-in feature in social option menu.

Provide an option to be part of more than one clan, even if one is permanently the visible tag or "primary" clan. The reason I say this is because due to the limited text chat capabilities we'll have clans be our only method of player communication. In my case for example I will be playing at my desk with a mouse & keyboard for difficult content and then on sofa with a controller for more casual content. There will also be times which I do not want to use voice chat and would like to be text-only. I'm sure everyone can agree that this presents a problem considering it would be the expectation some clan's members to meet certain criteria such as voice chat required. I feel having a secondary clan option would help with this issue because players could than join a "controllers clan" or a text-chat" clan as their secondary clans in order to find players for content who are seeking the same. In the current text-chat and clan systems on the PC version of Destiny 2 I feel players are left helpless.

Add opt-in global chat channels. Simply /join LFG, or /join Looking for clan, then have it place you in a channel with players in your geographic region. Perhaps this is a bad idea without far more effort being put into it so it can match the quality of external websites for group and clan finding, but something in-game would be ideal.


nu1mlock Avatar
5 Months ago

I absolutely agree. Having an option to simply close the public chat would be enough.

Warframe (and lots of other games), and I honestly don't bring it up for any gameplay related comparisons, let's players simply not view the public chat if they don't want to. Seems like a good solution.

But I guess options are for weak minded people, since Bungie "has to" decide this for us.

caveogre72 Avatar
4 Months ago

Totally agree. Love the game, but not being able to easily join others for co-op play ruins it. Can't even communicate with a clan to ask if anyone wants to do anything.

frazipe Avatar
5 Months ago

How about giving people the choice to opt-in to public chat. The biggest reason I quit some RPGs is frustration from not knowing what to do in game. With an MMORPG if i'm stuck i can get help or help other people. So far, I like this game but have been quite frustrated because I can see other people running around and can't ask them questions. I really like helping others in game when i see they are having the same issues I worked through earlier. This makes that impossible. I really don't want to google every issue i run into in game.

Seriouslyiiii Avatar
4 Months ago

I've played Destiny far too many hours. I like to help new players. This system may prevent toxicity but it also prevents making new friends, helping fellow guardians and teaching newbs the right way to do a public event... aka making it heroic. For such a "fireteam" based game, they sure go out of their way to prevent you from teaming up and helping on the pc version.