Destiny 2 could become an esport if you want it to

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Destiny 2 could push its PvP gameplay towards an esports environment, but only if that seems to be something the fans want, according to a Daily Star interview with the game’s competitive multiplayer design lead Lars Bakken.

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In the interview, Bakken references Bungie’s previous success in the early esports scene, citing previous games like Halo as part of “a long tradition of being active in the competitive realm.” But the developers are holding off pushing Destiny 2 towards that kind of environment unless it’s something that players are interested in.

Speaking about the diversity of interests within the esports scene, Bakken says “I think players choose where they want to spend their time and they like to choose and support the games that they love. If they decided Destiny is a space that they want to love and prop up in that way, then that’s something we think we are interested in.”

Some significant changes have already been made to PvP, including removing the larger, 12-player crucible modes like Rumble and Clash, and turning the Trials mode into a 4v4 mode, rather than 3v3.

Bakken suggests that it’s important to allow both players and developers to adjust slowly over time, allowing the game to gradually settle. While he says “we want to make the game feel more comfortable in a tournament setting,” he also acknowledges that his development team are not expecting to go “straight to world championships.”