Destiny 2's first raid: everything we know about its ultimate challenge

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Bungie have revealed very little so far about Destiny 2’s raid, but 'very little' is not 'nothing'. Here's what we know.

Here's everything we know about Destiny 2 PC's release date, beta, classes and more.

Destiny 2 raid setting

Destiny 2's game director, Luke Smith, dropped some cheeky teases about the new raid's setting at E3 2017. He was speaking to Mashable about the themes of each of the original raids: "Vault of Glass has this property where it spreads players out and brings them back together," while Crota's End is all about individual "hero moments," King's Fall about traversing space, and Wrath of the Machine's "heartbeat" was about "moments of glorious combat."

The new raid, "when we looked at it, it was about building a place you believe is real. That was our priority... A place that you believe could exist," he says, giggling like a man sitting on a good secret. "It's unlike anything we've done. The team is incredibly talented; it is a joy to see them work."

During the May 18 gameplay reveal, two shots played as Bungie (very briefly) discussed the raid and its related social features. Each featured six Guardians (raids are the only activities in Destiny to accommodate teams of six), and were then tweeted by the official Destiny account in the same context, so it’s pretty certain we’re looking at the raid here:

And here:

Plenty have suggested that the area at the top of the stairs in the first shot looks like The Tower, and this makes some sense as a location: we know Destiny 2 will deal with the Red Legion’s invasion of the Tower and your efforts to reunite the Guardians and take it back, so it’s likely a counter-attack will happen at some point. 

Of course, the red-lit tunnel with the giant fan is like nothing we’ve seen in the Tower so far, but that doesn’t rule it out. As it presently exists in Destiny, the Tower is far too small to host an entire raid, so it would need expanding. Personally, I can imagine infiltrating the ruins of the Last City and fighting up the Tower to the Plaza at its summit, where we have a final showdown with the Red Legion’s commander, Dominus Ghaul. 

However, it’s worth noting that the first shot shows a lot of vegetation, and, in the gameplay stream, segues into a swampy area. This seems like a bit of a reach for The Tower, even if it's in ruins, so Earth’s European Dead Zone and maybe Jupiter’s moon of Io are also possible settings – see our guide to Destiny 2's planets for more.

Destiny 2 guided games

During the sequel's reveal event, Bungie admitted their approach to endgame content in the original Destiny had caused half its players to never complete a raid. This is being addressed through the clans and guided games systems.

Clans were technically present in Destiny but served as little more than another line of text on your player card. In the sequel, they're integrated fully in the game and have a slew of new features, such as progression systems, customisable banners, and shared, clan-wide rewards.

Most importantly, though, they'll be the basis of the new guided games. Clans that are attempting a new activity, but need more players, will be able to advertise as such in-game. Players looking to attempt an activity where there's no automatic matchmaking – like raids – can browse clans looking for more players, and apply to any that appeal to them. You can part ways immediately afterwards, but Bungie are hoping you'll get invested enough to stick around and make some friends.

Essentially, it's an in-game 'looking for group' system, much like the one that exists now on Bungie's Recruitment site. The fact that you can browse parties without flicking to a phone or another screen will greatly reduce friction and hopefully get more players involved in Destiny 2's best content. It seems a sensible compromise between the current system and full matchmaking, of which Bungie are wary due to (probably valid) concerns of toxicity.

Check out our guide to Destiny 2's clans for more.

Destiny 2 raid release date

Destiny 2's raid probably won't be available at launch. All previous raids have unlocked shortly after the release of the expansion (or game) that introduced them; the Vault of Glass opened on September 16, 2014, exactly a week after Destiny launched. By contrast, the most recent Wrath of the Machine raid launched on September 23 last year, just three days after the Rise of Iron expansion.

We'd expect the wait for Destiny 2's raid to be closer to a week than three days, as Bungie will want to give us plenty of time to gear up and get ready, but we don't know for certain. Yet.

Destiny 2 raid bosses

To be honest, we're unlikely to know much about the substance of the raid until launch. Bungie traditionally keep it under wraps so we can figure out the mechanics of each fight for ourselves.

That's as it should be, and we wouldn't want to spoil those details even if we could, but it's not a spoiler to predict that you'll probably fight the happy little fellow above. That's the aforementioned Dominus Ghaul, author of the Last City's capture. Raids are the pinnacle of the PvE game in each chapter of Destiny, so it only makes sense that you'll be fighting the big boss man. For more on him and the Red Legion, check out our Destiny 2 story guide.

There's another possible raid boss: The Consul. His existence was revealed in a pre-E3 article from Game Informer, and we hear through IMDB that he'll be voiced by Skeletor and Richard Nixon himself, Frank Langella. We know very little about him other than that he's a kind of mentor to Ghaul, who advised him during his coup against the former Cabal Emperor, Calus. Perhaps he's a kind of puppet-master figure, and Ghaul little more than his pawn. 'Consul' was a political/judicial title in the Roman Republic, and later the Empire – perhaps appropriately, Julius Caesar held the office of consul just months before his appointment as dictator of the Republic, and subsequent assassination. 

Of course, the single-player campaign needs its own climax, which has occasionally sat awkwardly against the raid in previous Destiny chapters. In The Taken King, for instance, the titular king (Oryx) appeared in two different forms as the final boss for both the story and the raid. In Destiny 2, perhaps we'll take down Ghaul in the story, and The Consul in the raid?

Bungie have said they will share more details on the new raid ahead of Destiny 2's release, and we'll update this as soon as they do, so check back soon.

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