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Here’s how to get Destiny 2’s Sagira Ghost Shell

Sagira's Shell

Ever since the recent launch of Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC launch, players have been investigating the mystery of the Lost Prophecy quests. After a couple of weeks of grinding however, players have discovered that completing all the quests rewards you with a very nice exotic Ghost Shell. The only problem, however, is that getting everything you need to unlock it is a massive grind.

Here’s what you can find in Destiny 2’s winter event, The Dawning.

After you’ve completed all of Curse of Osiris’ campaign mission and all of the normal adventures on Mercury (as well as one Heroic Adventure), Brother Vance will give you an item – Lost Prophecy: Verse 1. For that first item, collecting a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture (made up of ten Radiolarian Cultures) will complete the quest. That gives you a Tablet, which you can redeem for one of ten legendary weapons.

There are ten verses in total, but the catch is that you can complete them all at once. Vance will only give you three verses a week, with the selection changing randomly with Destiny 2’s weekly reset. Community consensus seems to have settled on the idea that in order to unlock the eleventh verse, you’ll have to have completed verse ten at the very least, although there may be further objectives to complete. Completing the eleventh verse unlocks the Perfect Paradox shotgun.

Once all 11 verses are complete, you’ll finally unlock the very nice Sagira Ghost Shell. That comes with three perks; Scion of Mercury, which offers a chance to gain additional faction consumables on Mercury, Omni-Telemetry, which generates Gunsmith telemetry data on elemental weapon kills; and You’re Welcome, which detects caches and resources within a 75-metre range while you’re on Mercury.

If you haven’t started your verses yet, it might be time to get a move on – based on what we currently know, it’ll take at least a couple of weeks to get the verses you need to unlock Perfect Paradox, and that’s if Destiny’s random number gods are kind to you.