More people have pre-ordered Destiny 2 than the original with months left before release

A Psion

Sequels do well, apparently. Very well, in fact, as Destiny 2 has been pre-ordered more than the first game already. This was announced in Activision Blizzard’s financial results for Q2 2017 earlier today, as a part of a segment on audience reach.

For all the details on Destiny 2, we’ve set up a post detailing everything we know.

As we’re getting Destiny 2 on PC, it’s not entirely surprising given a whole new platform of people is opening up for pre-orders, but there’s still an extra month of sales to come on console, and a couple months for PC.

On top of that, the beta for Destiny 2 was more popular than the beta for the original – more people getting in shows, again, that it’s almost certainly going to do damn well. Exact numbers haven’t been shared, but hopefully we’ll see player numbers, if not sales, in the future.

Activision Blizzard are especially confident, as during the conference call they claimed Destiny 2 has had almost “universally positive feedback from press and fans.” That might be a tad ambitious, but nobody’s burning down Bungie’s door quite yet.

If you want to read the results for yourself, they’ve been put online on Activision Blizzard’s site.