There’s a Guardian command centre on Titan in Destiny 2


The Destiny 2 console beta wrapped up last night, so our next official news is probably coming out of Gamescom and the PC beta in August. Our next official news, that is, because a Comic-Con attendee has uploaded footage of a new cutscene featuring Commander Zavala, the Guardians’ leader.

Here’s what else we know so far about Destiny 2’s story.

The scene is a kind of technical showcase; a partially-rendered cutscene is set alongside footage of Zavala’s motion-capture actor and Lance Reddick, his voice actor.

Interestingly, the narrator explains that the scene is set inside a command centre on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons and one of the major locations we’ll be visiting in the sequel. The very start of the scene also shows ships landing, and other Guardians milling about. Could this command centre be a second social space, alongside The Farm on Earth?

Zavala is despondent about the attack on Earth’s Last City that begins the events of Destiny 2. He’s determined to retaliate – there are two other characters with him, one of whom he asks when “the fleet” will be “combat-ready.” She implores Zavala to wait. The screen obscures her features, but she’s wearing bulky, Titan-like armour.

Warhunterkiller, who posted the footage on Reddit, seems to think that she is actually the player’s Guardian, but there’s no reason we’d have authority for “the fleet.” If the player is present in the scene at all, they’re more likely to be the mute character, and the fleet commander is someone we haven’t met yet.

The scene concludes with Zavala saying “I need my fireteam. I need Ikora and Cayde.” We already knew that Destiny 2’s campaign would focus on your efforts to reunite the Vanguard leaders – Ikora, voiced by Gina Torres, has run off to Io in a fit of rage, while Nathan Fillion’s Cayde has got himself trapped on Nessus thanks to a bit of misguided heroism.

It’s never been explicitly stated that they are a formal fireteam with Zavala, so that’s a neat thing to learn. Zavala’s comments imply they still have to be retrieved, so this indicates that Titan will be one of our first stops in Destiny 2’s story.