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Destiny 2 is going to have a new weekly activity called a “Flashpoint”

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There’s going to be a brand new weekly activity in Destiny 2 to keep you playing. They’re called Flashpoints, and they’re specialised missions focused around a featured location, with a “super powerful reward” for those who complete them.

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This came from Kotaku’s E3 podcastwithLuke Smith, game director on Destiny 2, where he described the new event.

“Each week we have an activity called a Flashpoint, which we haven’t talked about really yet, but the Flashpoint is basically like a featured destination, a featured location. Then there’s a whole class of stuff that shows up when it’s the Flashpoint that’s unique, treasure maps to go find, special monsters that show up…”

He described the reward for a Flashpoint as being the “equivalent of an unknown reward from Nightfall,” so you can probably expect these Flashpoints to be key to progressing once you start to hit the lategame content in Destiny 2.

The interview with Luke Smith starts at 23:35 for those of you wanting to listen along, with these Flashpoints being mentioned at 34:00. Thanks to striker_codex on Twitter for pointing this out.