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Starving, feral Destiny 2 players begin eating each other for experience points

Destiny 2 xp

Bungie has declared a state of emergency today after crowds of XP-starved players turned on each other and became violent.

The Tower social space, normally a place of dancing, chatting and item selling, was quickly overcome by murderously hungry Destiny 2 players who began ripping each other apart and feasting on the XP within.

Tensions had been growing for days after it was revealed Bungie secretly baked an algorithm into the game that slowed experience progression post-level 20 by anywhere up to 95%.

Authorities now believe that the current state of violence was sparked after one player accidentally cut themselves on their sword, releasing the scent of XP into the air. Within moments the hungry players had turned on the unlucky low-level Titan and eaten them alive.

Although the fire department was able to break up most of the rioting players with a high pressure hose, Bungie believes that some of the now feral cannibals have escaped and will return to hunt once night falls.

“We are urging all players to remain calm, no matter how delicious the taste of another’s experience points between your teeth may be,” urged a Bungie spokesperson.

“It was wrong of us to ring the bell, make you salivate, and then never feed you. We should not have done this. But snapping apart each others bones and sucking the engrams out of them will only harm the community in the long run.”

Anyone who has lost a family member or friend during the event is urged to file a support ticket.

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