Gjallarhorn (or Dragon’s Breath) might be returning to Destiny 2

There’s a decent chance that a Solar-element rocket launcher from the original Destiny will return in Destiny 2 very shortly. As veterans will know, that means there are only two possibilities: the fun-but-mediocre Dragon’s Breath, and the legendary Gjallarhorn.

The source (via Polygon) is a datamine on Reddit by JpDeathBlade. Along with exciting mention of a Tribute Hall to coincide with Moments of Triumph, which is due to go live imminently, there’s word of Solar Week. This sounds very similar to Arc Week, which revamped Arc-element subclasses and reintroduced the quest to earn Thunderlord, an Arc-element machine gun from the original Destiny.

The final piece of the puzzle is mention of “rocket launcher components”. Given all this we have to make a few assumptions: that Moments of Triumph and/or Solar Week introduce a new Exotic quest, that it follows Arc Week in being linked to a Destiny 1 weapon, and that it ties in with the rocket launcher components.

None of those assumptions are unreasonable, however, and they point pretty clearly to the return of either Dragon’s Breath or Gjallarhorn, as many replies to the Reddit post have excitedly noticed.

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Obviously enough this is all unconfirmed by Bungie, so treat with due scepticism, but if true this is – potentially – a big deal. Gjallarhorn was inarguably overpowered: the bonus damage from its unique cluster bombs almost equalled that of its initial warhead, and since they all homed in on their target, each rocket did almost twice the usual damage. This made it the most powerful Exotic weapon in Destiny for its entire first year, and pickup raid groups would usually require applicants to own one.

This was complicated by its rarity. Destiny’s Exotic gear vendor, Xûr, hardly ever sold Gjallarhorn, so players were entirely dependent on RNG from a limited number of weekly opportunities to earn one. This led to a legendary status in the Destiny community, propelled by reaction videos that have practically sustained entire channels (see this YouTube search).

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Because of all this, Gjallarhorn was left behind with The Taken King expansion, before being reintroduced in year three with a special quest that tasked you with reassembling it. Note at this point that the Reddit datamine refers to “scattered pieces of a greater whole”, so perhaps we’re getting another Gjallarhorn reassembly quest?

Either that or it’s Dragon’s Breath, a flashy but average rocket launcher that got a fun rework enabling you to control its detonations, but was never exactly essential. Given how powerful Gjallarhorn was, and would have to be again in order to live up to its legend, I’m not getting my hopes up.

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