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Destiny’s Luke Smith already has a plan for Destiny 3


Destiny 2 hasn’t even hit store shelves yet but its game director, Luke Smith, already has quite a few ideas on what Destiny 3 might entail. 

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Speaking to GQ UK, Smith explained that he and the team work together to fulfill two very important statements: “Other Players Matter” and “The Social Action Shooter.” When Destiny 3 releases, Smith says, that’s the direction the team wants to go in.

Currently, Smith isn’t so sure the game really fits those statements.

“I think that we haven’t capitalised on the opportunity, or the potential. The team has so many ideas that we’re not yet doing. Destiny is this amazing canvas that I feel pretty privileged that I get to have a brush to paint on. But I think that we haven’t yet taken our corner.”

Indeed, Smith’s thoughts on ‘other players mattering’ and ‘social action’ likely ring true for others. For some, Destiny felt like a non-inclusive shooter where you’d have to play hours and hours to get up to speed in order to join your friends. This is something Smith also mentioned in the interview that Destiny 2 is going to change.

Above all, with Destiny 3 and his projects going forward, Smith “hopes” he continues to get what makes him feel the most passionate “out of his heart and into players’ hands,” like raids and other game elements that make Destiny truly feel as though it’s living up to being a “Social Action Shooter,” as that’s part of what makes Bungie unique.