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Issues with Destiny 2’s PC move have locked a chunk of players from their characters and DLC

Some players are still locked out of their existing stuff


Destiny 2 came to Steam over two weeks ago, and while that’s broadly been a good thing for PC loot shooter fans, it hasn’t been without issue. Migration from Battle.net to Steam still isn’t working for some players, who’ve been unable to access their characters or their Shadowkeep pre-order since launch. Bungie says it’s put some fixes places in place, but it looks like the issues are still ongoing.

“Since launch, we’ve been investigating player reports regarding a subset of issues which may cause PC migration to fail for PC players importing their accounts from Battle.net,” the devs say in today’s TWAB blog. “While investigations are ongoing, we’ve deployed several fixes to Bungie.net over the past two weeks which are expected to resolve a number of issues encountered by players.”

If you’re missing your characters, Silver balance, or licenses, Bungie says you should “try again” on the official site. The back-end fixes the studio has implemented may fix the issue for some players, but it looks like it still hasn’t been resolved across the board.

A post from user dreadedpool about the problems hit the front of the Destiny subreddit today, and it broadly speaks to the frustration the affected players are hitting. “Bungie is not helpful at all, and I’m sure they will be losing some long-time supporters if they do not acknowledge that they are working on a fix.”

Bungie’s new blog came a bit after that post, and while it says that “investigations are ongoing,” there’s no ETA on further fixes. The devs have set up a contact form to collect more information about the PC move issues.