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There won’t be any ranked PvP in Destiny 2


Were you hoping to get some private Destiny 2 games underway with your friends when the game launches? You might want to rein in that hype, then: Luke Smith has confirmed that Destiny 2 won’t have that feature at launch. It also won’t be getting ranked PvP. Boo.

Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2 PC’s release date, changes and more.

When being questioned about private matches on Kotaku’s E3 2017 podcast, Smith rather bluntly confirmed this, by saying, “We do not have private matches at launch.” Those last two words may mean private matches will be coming in future, but there’s nothing to say it definitely will. The prospect of private matches seems to be up in the air – it may be a post-launch addition, or it may never come at all.

He quickly followed up with the other bombshell, confirming that they will not be doing ranked PvP. In an interview with PC Gamer earlier this week, he implied that it may come in the future, with the response, “There is not going to be a ranking system for the September launch” to a question on ranked PvP. With Kotaku, though, Smith is a lot more blunt: “We’re not doing ranked PvP.”

He did tease something, saying that he didn’t want to commit to it but there’s “an idea” for something akin to a ranking system. Specifically, “some way of players showing off their prowess” may be coming to the game, but this also may not make it to the game’s launch.

Hopefully, and this is us trying to be rather optimistic, Smith is talking about the console launches, and these features will be available on PC on release date because it’s coming a couple months late. We can hope.

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