Destiny’s senior gameplay designer moves to Bethesda

josh hamrick bungie bethesda

We may not yet have Destiny on the PC but we might feel some small effect of it soon. Josh Hamrick, senior gameplay designer on Destiny, has upped sticks from Bungie and moved to Skyrim-developer Bethesda.

There’s no word on what he’ll be working on, whether it will be the next Elder Scrolls game, the rumoured-to-be in-development Fallout 4, or some unnannounced project.

Hmarick broke the news via Twitter:

And this was confirmed by Bethesda’s Pete Hines:

Hamrick had worked at Bungie for the past six years, joining the studio when it was still making the Halo games. Clearly, he’s a lot of experience developing shooters which would suggest he would be best suited to working on the Fallout series, but the RPG basis of Destiny fits itself to both of Bethesda’s big series.