Deus Ex is getting an officially-endorsed fan remaster called ‘Revision’


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Deus Ex, Square Enix are authorising a fan-made mod for the classic immersive sim. Created by Caustic Creative, the mod overhauls the environments and soundtrack of the original Deus Ex and is available to download for free today on Steam.

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“Revision is a complete overhaul of the original Deus Ex,” says creative director John French. “We bring in new level design, new music, and new world-building detail. On top of that, we also bundle in some of the best enhancements the community has to offer: high-detail textures and models, Direct3D 9 rendering, and alternate gameplay modes. Revision is our love letter to the game and its fans.”

The trailer offers a sampling of these changes, and you can check that out here:

Revision will be available to download on Steam at 10pm (PST), but you obviously need to own Deus Ex to use it, because that’s how mods work. Luckily for those who don’t own it, you can grab Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition for 80% off in the Stealth Steam Sale, running from October 13 to October 16.

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