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Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film looks moneyed, probably isn’t

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Why did Deus Ex: Human Revolution have all of its gruesome stabby bits rendered in third-person? The answer has finally become clear: to save writer, director and star Moe Charif from hiring a fight choreographer.

I’m kidding. Charif did in fact hire a fight choreographer, as well as a small but somewhat brilliant crew for his Deus Ex fan film. I’ve footage of some of that and an impressive new trailer below. A warning though: there are violent scenes throughout, and follow-through wall-punching from the start.

First: “Robocop’s not coming.”

And now: men backflipping in their front rooms like nellies before doing it in a studio like heroes:

Squeenix are currently working on an official Human Revolution flick with CBS. That’ll be ages though, which makes Charif chief of 2013.

Incidentally, Human Revolution on Steam is less than four pounds today. Isn’t that silly? That’s so silly.

Thanks, Kotaku.