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Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal detail their online-focused plans for the future

Deus Ex: Breach

While reports of the outright death of the Deus Ex franchise may have been exaggerated, there may be change coming to the franchise over the coming years, as Mankind Divided developers Eidos Montreal have updated their public Vision Statement for the company.

Between statements from studio head David Anfossi and Director of Online Technology Sebastien Bessette, they detail an online-focused future for the company, and a need for them to 'continually provide players with content'.

Unsure as Deus Ex's future may be, there's been plenty of stealthy goodness and immersive sims over the past few years. Here's some of our choice picks.

Probably the most interesting part of their statement is that their Dawn Engine - as used to flexible effect in Mankind Divided - is still in use and being retrofit to match their plans for the future, rather than switching over to some more popular codebase.

"We’re also structuring the DAWN engine, our proprietary technology, to interface with modern online solutions, which gives us the ability to take advantage of existing technologies. All of these efforts unify our teams towards one single goal, that being to deliver the best online gaming experience to our players."

It should be kept in mind that 'online' does not necessarily mean 'multiplayer'. While wildly unpopular (I liked it, but I'm weird), Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's F2P spinoff Breach was still a single player game, albeit with online leaderboards and challenge-issuing mechanics. That said, they do also have three job vacancies posted directly under their new mission statement, including an online multiplayer programmer and someone familiar with the PSN and Xbox Live SDKs, suggesting that their future projects may have a slightly more multiplayer slant.

This is entirely speculation, though. What is certain is that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided wasn't the hit that the publisher were hoping for, and very few even tried the spinoff game, Breach, despite a hefty free expansion released some time after launch. While Deus Ex may return in the future - presumably once the Montreal studio are done with their Marvel contract work, it probably won't be quite how you remember it being, as and when it does return to the limelight.

It's all come full circle. As things were before the revival of Deus Ex, nobody can quite predict the future of the immersive sim genre, but ou can bet it'll be interesting - and the source of many passionate debates - when it does come into vogue once more.

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Darkedone02 avatarLolssi avatar
Darkedone02 Avatar
7 Months ago

On my personal opinion, I think mankind divided has fallen short on the storyline imo, the game was not gradually big like Human Revolution, and it's not as big like the first Deus Ex Game. I also think that the marketing idea of microtransaction and the unable to claim your pre-purchase option more then once (you have it once, and after yo use it, you never be able to use it again on your next playthough or different new game), it's also a very bad move... Which I think the reason why that game keep having a mixed rating on steam.

Don't let marketing ruin a good game, don't be another EA on the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco that has blown up more the once, and I know for sure the devs have heard of it. I want Deus Ex to have a legendary story just like the first game, and I want it to feel good... if you fail this, I wont be buying this game, and I'll begin to think that your out to ruin a good game series.

Lolssi Avatar
7 Months ago

Mankind Divided became my favorite Deus Ex game. Is the story lacking if you didn't play The Fail and read the prequel? Definately but it was same with Human Revolution.

However there are many small details depending your choices that really kept me immersed into what was happening.

Also the actual gameplay time for me was bit longer than Human Revolution (not counting DLCs) and twice the length of the original.

Did they shoot themselves in the foot with design choices? They amputated themselves! Microtransactions, it was weird but didn't affect my gameplay.

Pre-order gear when you have pre-rendered cutscenes that show different gear...

All the extra missions being separate from the main game. What is the point of resources and abilities when nothing carries over?

Darkedone02 Avatar
7 Months ago

In my progress, it took me a bit of a week to beat mankind divided. Human Revolution took around close to a week and a few extra days.