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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided cinematic TV spot is golden skinned humanity-saving silliness

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There’s nothing like a TV trailer to see a game broken down to simply its most ridiculous elements. This latest Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has it all - golden skin, lightning rocket boosts, superhero landings - and even has time for the best WWE pay-per-view theme of the past 10 years.

For everything else Deus Ex-related, check our round-up of Mankind Divided’s release date, features and what we know.

No, don’t disagree, Jungle is basically hype: the song, and I won’t hear a word against it.

As for the footage there’s the barest hints of some gameplay, plus some brand new cinematic bits. Ignoring what’s new and focusing on the pretties, my goodness it’s going to be a good looking game. Even outside of the ludicrous cutscene quality on display, those gameplay segments look incredible. Hopefully no downgrades for this one.

After its monster six-month delay, the game’s out on August 23, just in time for the Gamescom-come-down. We’ll have the PCGN verdict for you as soon as possible, as well as our signature 4K footage once it’s available.

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gillotte avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
gillotte Avatar
gillotte(17 hours played)
1 Year ago

You do know you used a private video for this? lol

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Good grief. You should have heard the sigh. I think they heard it in Norway. It is, however, not nearly as bad as Mass Effect 2's, even if it is demeaning to the more intellectual material the game goes for. If they're going to be silly, couldn't they have gone with symbolism like they did in the first one?

I loved the silly Icarus symbolism of the first one. It was actually kind of clever, whilst still being ridiculous. This is more on the side of... mmm... well, being more just ridiculous. Especially the hand scene. That's what triggered the sigh.

I guess after the reaction to the ending of Mass Effect 3 though, just to keep that parallel, they're worried people won't understand symbolism and will take everything literally. "OH MY GOD, Synthesis puts '80s green circuitry all over my body and the plants I'll eat! Oh no! The horror! Synthesis is EVIL! ABOMINATION!"


I'm going to file this under: Oh, humanity.