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Devilian, Trion’s action-RPG MMO, is out now. Unleash your devilish side

Devilian Launch

After quite some time in beta, Trion are finally making the jump for Devilian into 1.0 waters. The game is all done now, and ready for the public to swarm its servers. 

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The game, developed by Bluehole Gunno Games, joins Trion’s other MMOs Trove, Defiance, Rift, and ArcheAge, and once again offers something slightly different. It’s certainly a game made with Diablo as its reference point, with a classic isometric viewpoint and plenty of loot to go around.

Key activities to get involved in are large-scale 20v20 PvP battles, guilds, alliances, wars between guilds, and dungeon crawling. Every player creates a character with dual personalities: that of their normal adventurer, and that of the devilian – a devil inside you. Essentially you get to play as two different characters in one, which is the game’s core idea.

Devilian is free to play, so should you want to join the guardians of Nala, just head to the Devilian sign-up page.