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Devilian giveaway: 3,000 keys for this weekend’s monster-slaying beta


Well I don’t know about you but turning into a giant, winged, horned, shirtless, ripped demon-man has always been a personal life goal. Until that technology is invented – we’re this close in the latest trials, but the sheep keep exploding while baaing backwards – videogames must step in. Trion Worlds’ Devilian might be the best for it.

An isometric RPG in the Diablo mould with all the nobs turned up to “hellbeast”, Devilian is about killing monsters and collecting loot but also functions as a fully-featured MMO with a PvP focus. Massive 20 vs. 20 battles and more tactical three on threes are supported, filling that competitive hole so often left in the genre, particularly by its most notable member.

Closed Beta Event 4: War for Nala is your latest chance to get involved. Charon’s hauled up a great number of keys for us, so scroll down to grab one. It’s running from Friday Nov 19th at 10:00 PST / 18:00 GMT until the same time on Monday Nov 23rd and features all the character customisation, questing and dungeons you’d expect, on top of the PvP.

Trion have been running regular livestreams on Twitch previewing the game and its latest features. There should be another one on tomorrow, but here’s last week’s to get you interested.

Once you’ve grabbed your prize below, head over to the official Devilian site to redeem it. Give PCGamesN a like on Facebook to keep abreast of future giveaways, and have fun becoming the hellspawn we’ve always known you could be.

Devilian closed beta 4