Devilian giveaway: grab one of 3,000 keys for this weekend’s closed beta

Devilian giveaway

Devilian is Trion’s latest MMO, and it’s all a bit Diablo in these parts. The fast-paced action RPG combat is combined with multiplayer questing, allowing you and a bunch of friends to face off against the armies of a fallen god. If that sounds a bit terrifying, fear not: your character is half human, half devil, and can transform into a powerful ‘Devilian’ at will.

Trion are running a closed beta, starting today, November 12th at 10am PST / 6pm GMT, and finishing up on Monday, November 16th at 10am PST / 6pm GMT. If you want access to Devilian’s world for the weekend, then you need one of our keys. We’ve got plenty to give away, so just scroll down and enter.

Devilian has a sprawling PvE story to play through, and during the closed beta you’ll be able to try out plenty of quests. There’s also PvP to dig into, with 20-vs-20 battlegrounds, small 3-vs-3 scraps, and guild vs guild wars.

Complete any of the actions below and your key will be dispensed. Then just go to to redeem it! Also, be sure to give us a Like on Facebook in order to be kept up to speed with any future giveaways.

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