Devilian Cannoneer Class revealed

Devilian Cannoneer Class

Trion’s Diablo-inspired ARPG Devilian just got a new video showing us our first look at its new class: the Cannoneer. The Cannoneer is a petite anime girl with a massive gun and high heels. She specialises in large area attacks, traps and, you know, shooting things with that big gun. 

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That big gun can even be upgraded to the point where she fires salvos of rockets, artillery strikes or even a massive area of effect warhead.

In her devil form she unlocks a whole host of other abilities, including a buff that lets her run really fast, presumably before firing another few hundred rockets from a safe distance.

The reveal video describes the Cannoneer as a “fast-paced, action-heavy class with a lot of emphasis on movement and mouse control”.

Check out the first look in the video below:

You can try Devilian for free right now.