Devilian update 1.4, Alvir’s Legacy, adds a PvP currency, an increased level cap and more


Devilian just got a big update, adding what the developers are calling the game’s “most intense challenges yet”. Luckily, you’ll be helped along by an increased level cap. 

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In addition to an increased level cap – from 54 to 56 – players will be able to participate in four new heroic and hell mode dungeons, one new Archdevil Dungeon, and a brand new dungeon type: Heroic Archdevil, which is where that “intense challenge” comes in.

Of course there’s some new high level armour for you all you high level players, though it’s specifically for PvP – there’s the Blaze armour set, Dark Knowledge armour set, Wicked Soul armour set, Sacred armour set and more.

This armour isn’t just for flashiness either. The stakes are higher now in PvP – the victor of a battle now earns the new PvP currency, Victory Certifications, which can be used to obtain unique cosmetic items. These ones are just for flashiness.

Players can check out the full, lengthy list of updates on theDevilian blog.