Devilian’s closed beta starts soon, and we’ve got 3,000 keys to give away

Devilian giveaway

Devilian, the newest member of Trion Worlds’ roster of MMOs, pits you against a fallen god and its hordes of hideous monsters, but it’s okay: you’re a half-devil and have a few tricks up your sleeve, four classes to fight as, each with their own ‘Devil Forms’, and plenty of skill paths to go down. 

If any of this sounds like your cup of demonic tea, then good news: the closed beta is kicking off soon, and we’ve got keys coming out of every orifice – 3,000 of them. Want one?

While fending off an army of the damned, even as a half-devil with superpowers, is a bit tough, getting your hands on a key for early beta access is comparatively simple. Just take a gander at our widget below, get your key, then head over here to register it.

That’s it!

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Devilian Beta Key Giveaway