Devolver are publishing a documentary about Call of Duty

Call of Duty WWII

Famed indie publishers Devolver Digital have been putting out arty films for a while now – you can even find some of them on Steam – but they’ve just announced they’re publishing CODumentary (actual name), which is a documentary… about COD. 

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It’s a feature-length film, clocking in at 93 minutes, that details the rise of Call of Duty. The movie launches on September 19 and will be available on Steam and VOD via Amazon.

CODumentary is a UK production from filmmaker Jonathan Beales, exploring how the series grew to be the beast we know and love today. It traces the series’ lineage from its launch in 2003, where it faced off against similar WW2 games, right on through to where it really took off – with Modern Warfare – and beyond.

Filming takes us across North America and Europe, including footage from the D-Day beaches. In it, we get insight from developers, esports pros, fans, and other industry professionals.

“One of the biggest challenges making the film was encapsulating a 15 year timeline into 93 minutes,” says producer Jonathan Beales. “I was very fortunate to work with a lot of great people whose input and contribution really helped make this happen. It’s a rich story of evolution told through the eyes of games developers, fans, industry experts and professional players.”

The documentary has been in the works for five years and aims to capture the humans behind the explosions and set-pieces. If you’re interested, check out the trailer above.